Mistress flogger

Session information

I practice from my own premises: they are mine, I do not rent from a landlord or another mistress, and nor do I rent my premises out to other mistresses.

My studio has been built from the ground up for one purpose: for me to practice the arts of bondage, discipline, domination and submission and SM. This is the venue for what is considered "dungeon” work; it is here that Mistress Geo summons forth the fantastic.

My separate domestic room is carefully fitted-out with vintage classroom furniture and a spanking horse, and this is where most role-play sessions are conducted; it is where Miss Pinch, your (dreaded) long-lost foreign aunt, your tyrannical boss or feared headmistress wields the cane or delivers whatever other discipline she finds appropriate. The furniture and decor can be changed to cater for different domestic, office and school scenarios.

A complimentary half-hour is structured into every session to discuss requirements and specific scene details, and to allow for a cuppa and chat afterwards. This time is essential for establishing good communication, rapport and trust.

My specialties

My first love is CBT, and I have conducted many professional workshops and demonstrations in this art (and if you don’t know what CBT is in a BDSM context, you probably wouldn’t want it). With my use of a singular range of hand-made, precision-engineered Fred Pinch devices, I guarantee that CBT in my hands will be outside your experience. With these devices – especially when used in combination with other techniques and equipment – you will be at my mercy, with your resulting journey ranging from easy and sensual to a severity that will have you thrilling to wonderfully new sensations.

Here is a concise list of the activities I offer:

I will not do

Among the activities I do not offer and will not entertain include: sexual services of any kind; body worship; anal strapon; scat play; watersports; "adult babies”; medical play; breath play; anything that breaks skin. This is a concise list; there are other activities I do not entertain.

Tribute and questions

Information on my tribute for Studio and Domestic Room sessions can be found on my main site, at Mistress Geo’s Studio and Miss Pinch’s Domestic Room, respectively, and together on my Questions? page. In fact, you will find answers to all your questions in Q&A format on this latter page, and I strongly recommend you visit it.

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For those of you who like looking at pictures, I have an extensive Image Gallery on my main site; and, you will also be able to discover more about me, my activities, my equipment and implements, and much more, on my main site’s News page (which is often "illustrated” with pics). See this site’s Contact page for a link to my main site. In the meantime, please enjoy the selection of images below.


Bristol Mistress Geo Pinch, by Sardax: 420mm x 297mm, pen-and-ink on paper (custom framed & hung in Mistress Geo’s domestic room); portrait © 2014 Bristol-Mistress-Geo.co.uk and Sardax.