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Contact details and etiquette

From February 2019 I am no longer making appointments for first-time visitors. This means I am not catering for anyone I have not seen before, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport. Iím leaving my contact information, updated February 2019, for my regulars who for any reason need to refer to it.

I take calls from 10:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday on this number: 07528 580 415.

My contact email address is:

Obviously, sometimes I am unavailable to take calls, and I tend not to answer calls outside of my normal hours.

Withheld numbers will rarely be answered: please call again on a non-withheld number unless you have no choice, in which case you should text me first to identify yourself and alert me to your impending call on a withheld number. I do not reply to texts from unknown numbers.

Inappropriate behaviour or a disrespectful attitude during telephone enquiries will result in immediate termination of the call. I would like to make this clear: I am not a provider of erotic telephone services or of remote domination.

I will delete disrespectful emails without reply.

Appointments should be confirmed 48 hours in advance of a booking: in most circumstances this will avoid disappointment, and it demonstrates to me your commitment. However, same-day appointments are sometimes possible and will be accommodated as circumstances allow (remember, Iím referring to regulars only).

Location information

My premises are located in a very quiet and private area of north-east Bristol, less than five minutes drive from the M32 (junction 2 exit). I am located close to train and bus services, and there is plenty of free, safe parking. As a regular, you should not need advice on location and parking, but I am always happy to re-supply this information if for some reason you require it.

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